Kyrgyzstan tours:

About us

Our travel company is the reliable operator of tour programs created with the deepest attention to the wishes of skillful travellers and those who just start their history. Our team is able to prepare the guests for unbelievable routes in groups and individually as well. Having been originating in 2000 we claim to be one of the leader companies in organization of routes and journeys in Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan. If you will ready about is and find out the best possible tours - for sure you will have an amazing tour in Kyrgyzstan. 

The field of our professionalism is seen in routes organized in groups and for separate people, individually. All of the information we produce and tours offer are based on our personal experience. We prefer to orient on the desires of the clients, so they are free to express themselves. The programs include sightseeing along Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan.

For everyone coming to the country to have great memories and unforgettable experience, we offer managers and the staff of the company for asking various questions. They are aware of all the details of countries of Central Asia, can inform about any in point of the Great Silk Road. It helps us to be sure about all the guests to be satisfied with their travel, starting from the arrival and ending with the departure back home. Tour in Kyrgyzstan you will remember for a long time. 

"Travel Experts" company makes a book on our managers and the entire staff as they know best offers and are aware of all the sites worth visiting. Completely the greatest service will be offered and we sure you will be satisfied with your being here, with our company.