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Toyota Land Cruiser 200

Toyota Land Cruiser 200

Toyota Land Cruiser 200 car rent in Kyrgyzstan

01-07 days - 100 $ 
08-15 days - 90 $
16-25 days - 80 $
01-07 days - 100 $ 
08-15 days - 100$
16-25 days - 90 $ 

In order to explore one of the countries where the Great Silk Road passed, good and reliable transport for rent is needed. Let me introduce you a car that can do this without problem - Toyota Land Cruiser 200. If you rent this car it, you will not need to worry about whether the car will reach the end of your route, because it really can. The car is made for true lovers to ride in the mountains. A car that has incredibly comfortable seats from which you will have nothing to hurt, AC and of course plenty of space that allows you to move without fear of loading all your luggage. Traveling in comfort, you can visit many different places and see not only the plants of Kyrgyzstan: like archa, Tien Shan spruce, edelweiss but also its animals foxes, wolves, squirrels, gophers, eagles. Choose the best with us.

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