Kyrgyzstan tours:

Arslanbob natural forest

In the course of the tour in Kyrgyzstan guests, as well as local people are going to make the view of the most amazing sites and get in touch with natural views. We are glad to offer the meeting with the natural locality known as Arslanbob natural forest. It is the famous historical place, being of great natural views as well. You are able to have rented car and travel to the forest on your own. Your excursion is going to be based on the visiting of the forest and the tour along it, breathing fresh air and viewing ancient trees. The forest is based in 80km of the Jalal Abad region.

It is your chance to have a walk along the territory of 6,080 km2, basically on rented cars in Kyrgyzstan. Your walking outing is going to be made along the walnuts, many being 1000 years old, 30m high. At the same time the area is famous for the gorges and amazing rocks. The forest is identified to give tons of walnuts annually. We have a chance to show the well-known Big and Small waterfalls (80 and 35 m high). Be the guests of the state and have a travel wandering here.

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