Kyrgyzstan tours:


We are a well-known travel company that provides a wide range of services, including Kyrgyzstan glacier tours. Tours can be customized to meet your individual needs and goals. You can also rent a car from professional guides and drivers, as well as certified managers.

This hilly terrain is home to rivers, lakes, and glaciers. In the highlands, where temperatures are frequently below freezing, these massive ice sheets never melt. It's difficult to get to these locations because it's always snowing. You may rent a car and take a tour of several of the "Ice Rivers" glacier valleys. Kyrgyzstan is believed to have 800 glaciers, which span around 30 % of the country's land area.

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According to a tour we made, Enilchek Glacier is one of the most popular glaciers in the world. As part of the car rent Kyrgyzstan inquiry, you may see glaciers like as the Ak-Sai and Adygene in Ala Archa National Park.