Kyrgyzstan tours:

Boat cruise in Issyk Kul lake

In case you are not sure where to start starting a tour in Kyrgyzstan you are recommended to start boat cruise in Issyk Kul lake. Issyk Kul Lake is a pearl of the country, it is the most visited site by all who live and travel in Kyrgyzstan. The lake is located at the altitude of 1600m above sea level and according to some notes it is said to be the second lake located at high altitudes which can be visited during tours in the country. For you to feel comfortable it is possible to take motor ships "Moltur", "Adilet", "Korsar", "Kyrgyzstan".

We would like to notice that tours in Kyrgyzstan are the main option for all who travel or live in the country to witness significant sites. Being in a tour along the lake you can feel cool air, it is possible to taste corn and fish. For all who are ready to start boat cruise we are glad to say that all the boats have necessary equipment and while you travel you can enjoy legends and true facts of the lake riding the boat.