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Carriage - Rail line

Transportation is an important component of the country's growth, and we'll talk about rail possibilities in this section. Kyrgyz Temir Joly, often known as Kyrgyz Railroad, is a railroad service company in Kyrgyzstan. Because of the hilly terrain, not all tour participants will be able to travel throughout the country by rail.

Before a car rent in Kyrgyzstan, it is important to realize that the country's railroad network is separated into two half, one northern and one southern. It is not required to rent a car to travel to the Issyk Kul region, for example, but rather to purchase rail tickets and depart Bishkek for Balykchy. The tour then moves on to Kazakhstan's railway. Previously, those who wished to visit Uzbekistan thought they could do so from Osh or Jalal-Abad. It is now, however, impossible.

Before going on a tour, you may look at the timetable on the Railroad Company's website,, to figure out how to go to Kyrgyzstan. Trains, on the other hand, may not get you to your destination as quickly, but they do provide you the choice of varying your level of comfort along the way. After landing in Kyrgyzstan, anybody may rent a car in Bishkek and travel across the country.


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