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Visitors to our country, before committing to a travel tour with Kyrgyzstan rent cars service, are certainly interested in learning a little about the local currency. If you were just looking for basic information about the currency of Kyrgyzstan in order to understand how much money to take with you to travel around Kyrgyzstan.

Speaking about the national currency of the country, it should be noted that this is the som. Usually, on Kyrgyzstan rent cars tour, our guests can pay with soms or dollars. You can exchange currency for soms at the banks of the country. In many places, only soms are accepted, in other words, other currencies will not be accepted. Another useful fact for those who are going to travel around this country with Kyrgyzstan rent cars service is that you need to know that in different banks currency rates may differ. However, currency exchange in banks is much more profitable than, for example, in the regions or at bazaars. The next fact useful for tourists during the tour is the working hours of banks, they usually work from the morning until 5pm, and currency exchange offices - about 24 hours a day. Well, do not forget to take your passport with you so that you can exchange money. Yes, Kyrgyzstan is also no exception for using credit cards like Visa and Master, but keep in mind that during the travel tour with Kyrgyzstan rent cars, problems may arise if there is no cash, therefore not all places in Kyrgyzstan use credit cards.


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