Kyrgyzstan tours:


During tours in Kyrgyzstan you will be able to make a witness of handicraft which is of great interest for all who travel and live in the country. For us it is a pleasure to welcome you to Kyrgyzstan as we specialize on organization of tours at the highest level and we are looking for all the opportunities of making you pleased with any tour you start for the reason of travelling in Kyrgyzstan. Handicraft  is known to be famous for the creation of various vessels and cases made of leather. In here during the tour you will be able to notice cases for creation of kumis - sabaa, for transporting of it - chanach and of course the case used to serve kumis - kokoor. At the same time you can travel in Kyrgyzstan and witness the famous process of creation of long-serving carpets - Shyrdak, Alakiyiz. They can serve for 30-40 years. For you to visit the demonstration you need to travel to Kochkor village.


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