Kyrgyzstan tours:

High emotions after Konorchek canyons views

Beautiful Kyrgyzstan attracts the attention of tourists and invites them to go on tours. We want to organize tours in Kyrgyzstan where you can visit the Konorchek canyons. Our tourists will be able to rent a car, and explore that canyon is located 125 km from Bishkek in the Deep Gorge, where you need to get to the separation of the Big and Small canyons.

Tourists of our country during tours in Kyrgyzstan will see that the canyon is very charming and captivating to look at. Walking and exploring the canyon you will be able to notice the labyrinths and stone columns that were created by the wind. There is also a volcano that dates back 3 million years and thanks to this, this place is very beautiful. The columns were able to rise to a height of 500 meters due to strong winds. And our guests for tours in Kyrgyzstan will be able to rent a car, and explore the scenery.