Kyrgyzstan tours:

Hiking in Ala Archa gorge

During tours in Kyrgyzstan guests who first travel in the country usually have a desire to make a witness of nature so they start hiking in Ala Archa gorge. The gorge is a natural park of the country which is seen to be one of the most visited sites at altitudes of 1600-4800m above sea level. For you to make a tour to the gorge it is necessary to cover the way of 41km of the capital of the country. The gorge is actually located in the Ala Archa national park which emerged in 1976. In the course of a tour in the gorge you can travel to the Peak Semenov-Tienshanski of 7895m above sea level. Also glaciers as the Adygene and the Ak-Sai are well-visited by all who travel in the gorge. The gorge is an amazing place for all to feel the harmony of nature and the beauties of the views.


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