Kyrgyzstan tours:

Horse games and other national games

In the course of a tour in Kyrgyzstan you will be able to find out that the Kyrgyz people used to be nomads in the past and still nomads in their hearts which opens us the abundance of horse games and other national games. Start your tour in Kyrgyzstan and you will be able to travel to most of significant sites of the country with our company organizing your tour. We would like to give you the maximum information about tours in Kyrgyzstan and activities which can be started during your tours. So, let us introduce you the idea of most popular games of ancient nomadic tribes:

During the tour in Kyrgyzstan you will be able to find out that all of the games are connected with horses and there are certain requirements for men and animals. So, it is necessary for the horse to have no fear and to be powerful. Men must have all the knowledge and skills of horse-riding. Before starting to travel in Kyrgyzstan you should know about the game known as kok-boru. It is oriented on the two teams having to conquer the other one. There are 8 people and they are trying to put the dead goat in the goals of their opponents. The other game is known as Erenish - in this case there are horsemen and they need to put opponents from the backs of horses. While you are travelling in Kyrgyzstan you will see the wedding custom Kyz-Kuumai. It is known to be as follows - the bride and the groom, the groom must catch the bride but she is given the stronger horse. After he managed to catch her, he can kiss and marry her.  The game toguz korgool is identified as the one which is played during periods of peace time.


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