Kyrgyzstan tours:


In the course of a tour in Kyrgyzstan you will be met by hospitable people on the rent car and as for the introduction we have decided to make a short introduction for you to get to know our country better.

It is known that in the course of a tour you will have a desire to make a wide tour. We recommend you to take care of yourself when you travel in Kyrgyzstan as mountains anyway show some sort of danger. That's why we advise to have a car for rent. Mainly you should know that Kyrgyzstan is the country with the official name the Kyrgyz Republic. The country is surrounded by mountains and opens great possibilities for all who are in love with trekking, hiking, rafting and canoeing. The weather in the country may be seen to be pleasant. When you travel in Kyrgyzstan on the renting car you can meet people who still live in mountains, they are known to be nomadic tribes of our times. Making a tour in Kyrgyzstan on car for rent you will surely be amazed by our pristine and incredible nature, by the greatness of mountains and hotness of the sun. You are recommended to get to know the culture of Kyrgyzstan better before you start travelling here.