Kyrgyzstan tours:

Issyk-Kul mountain lake

The lake is the pearl of the country and travellers in the course of their tour first make a visit of lake Issyk Kul on cars for rent. The lake is the second largest lake located at the high altitude. When you travel in mountains of Kyrgyzstan on a rent car you can see that the lake is located right between the Kungey-Alatau Range and the Terskey-Alatau Range. The lake is connected with various legends as almost all sites in Kyrgyzstan. All these legends and myths you can hear during tours in Kyrgyzstan. When you travel in Kyrgyzstan on renting car and visit the lake you can take a taste of the corn and fish right on the shore of the lake. We always offer guests to make a visit of Kyrgyz lakes as all of them are in mountains and the beauty is overwhelming. Your tour is going to be on the highest level as we specialize on organization of such tours especially for you.