Kyrgyzstan tours:

Jeti-Oguz Mountain Gorge

Being in a car rent tour in Kyrgyzstan don't miss an opportunity to make a visit of the gorge Jeti Oguz or Seven Bulls. In the course of a tour in Kyrgyzstan on a rent car in the Issyk Kul region of the country, you should travel in the town Karakol as well. In 28 km drive on a renting car of Karakol you are free to make a tour to the gorge which resembles Bulls standing in a row. The place is seen to be connected with the legend and you will be given legends of places of Kyrgyzstan during tours on car for rent in the country. The place is known to be the main living state of the khan, and the other one stole his wife. For him not to get the wife, the khan decided to kill them both. That is why the gorge is of a red color in accordance with the legend. Travelling here you should also make a tour on the car for rent to the Broken Heart - the legend of which tells that the women couldn't decide which man she loves more and when they killed each other in the fight for her, it broke her heart. When you finally found yourself near the gorge travelling in Kyrgyzstan, you can see that there is the abundance of high altitude lakes and you can make incredible photos against these views.