Kyrgyzstan tours:

Konorchek canyons in Kyrgyzstan

Now it is easy to decide and start to travel on car for rent in any part of the globe and for this reason we are glad to advise you to make a tour to Konorchek canyons. Driving with the help of car rent service 125km from Bishkek you can make a witness of canyons, where they are divided into Large and Small ones. In the course of a tour on car for rent you have an opportunity to make a witness of labyrinths of the canyon which are created along with high stone columns due to severe and constant winds. When you start to travel on renting car in Kyrgyzstan you have all chances to watch the volcano which is 3 mil years old. It is not enough to spend day or two investigating canyons during tours in Kyrgyzstan - it is necessary to spend more than two days for travelling in these canyons. Labyrinths are of 200 km and stay close to the group and your guide for you not to lose yourself here in the course of your tour.