Kyrgyzstan tours:

Kyrgyz Burana

Travelling in Kyrgyzstan on the renting car you are recommended to make a visit of one of the main sites and highlights of the country - Burana tower. The tower is known to be located in 60km of the capital of Kyrgyzstan and may be visited in the course of a tour in Kyrgyzstan on car for rent. The minaret used to be the great complex of the ancient city Balasagun. The height in the beginning of the existence was 45m. When you have decided to travel in Kyrgyzstan on a rent car this site must be visited in obligatory way. As for the history of the place, it is known that Genghis Khan came here and made the total destruction of the culture and of the Burana tower in 15-16th centuries. In 19th-20th centuries there were made tours and expeditions with an aim to restore the tower. Now you can travel in Kyrgyzstan on a car for rent and make a visit of the place which is now the part of the Historical Museum. Since 1991 travellers started to make tours in Kyrgyzstan and visit this site.