Kyrgyzstan tours:

Kyrgyz Mountain ranges

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In this article you can get short information about mountain ranges in Kyrgyzstan. Long chains from west to east stretch 88 ridges of a powerful mountain system-the Tien Shan. The name of the system means "Heavenly Mountains". Other mountain systems, such as the Chon Alai range in the south of the country, belong to the Pamir mountain system. The mountains of Kyrgyzstan divide the country into northern and southern regions, connected by a single road Bishkek-Osh. The average length of the mountain ranges of Kyrgyzstan is 100-300 km. The length of the longest ridge (Kakshaal) is 582 km, the Kyrgyz ridge, which is located south of Bishkek, extends for 454 kilometers. The width of the ridges varies from 10 to 40 kilometers. In Soviet times, many of these peaks were more accessible, as no permits were required to cross the border. Even now, when many restrictions have been lifted, some places still require complex border crossings, and therefore special permits.

The Terskey Ala-Too range is very beautiful in its variety of landscapes. In one day, you can see the beauty of the red sand cliffs, wild forest and snow-capped peaks that spread wide over the greatest lake Issyk-Kul. Each gorge is unique and unique in its execution. A hike through the gorges of the Terskey Ala-Too ridge is a great combination of impressions from the most vivid mountain landscapes of the Tien Shan to the romance of tourist adventures.

You will see the highest peaks of Terskey Ala-Too: Oguz-Bashi peak (5,165 m), Karakol Peak (5,216 m), Palatka Peak (5,020 m), the famous moraine-glacial lake Ala-Kel (3,532 m); overcome two passes: Teletas (3,800 m) and Ala-Kel (3,800 m), and "for dessert" - at the end of the route to recover strength by bathing in the hot mineral springs "Altyn Arashan".      

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