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Manas Ordo structure

Travelers who travel to Kyrgyzstan for tours and car rent believe that the Manas complex is one of the country's historically significant places. The distance between Talas and Tash-Aryk is 22 kilometers.

The land area of this complex, known as "Manas-Ordo," is around 2.25 square kilometers. Since the travelers will be visiting the complex built in honor of the hero Manas, renting a car in Kyrgyzstan on a tour is a great alternative. The gumbez of Kyrgyzstan is regarded to be the country's heritage.

According to one source, it was built about 1334, while other claims it was created for the burial of the emir Abuka's daughter. Stone warriors known as balbals were stationed on the property's border to keep an eye on it. Take a tour of Kyrgyzstan and make use of our car rent service to explore the country's most attractive sights.

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