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Musical instruments of Kyrgyzstan

Travelling in Kyrgyzstan on rented car you can notice how musical Kyrgyz people are and what kind of a special love they have to musical instruments. In the course of a tour in Kyrgyzstan you can make a notice of the famous epic Manas which is the main testimony of the people. During travelling in Kyrgyzstan on car for rent you will hear various legends about the epic and mainly it is said that the epic was created in the 16-17th century but the first written variant was in the 20th century. As it is known everything was going from generation to generation in an oral way. The Soviet investigator during his tour in Kyrgyzstan in the 20th century heard it and decided to make a written variant of it. The epic consists of 500,000 lines of text. And of course everything is going under the accompaniment of musical instruments. The men who make a representation of the epic are called manaschi and the ones who make an improvisation are akyns. As for national musical instruments, these are komuz, temir-komuz, kyl-kyak, core, sorny, choor and zhetigen.

Music in Kyrgyzstan is the symbolization of unity of nature and universe. We are glad to organize your tour in Kyrgyzstan on a rent car as we are looking for all opportunities for you to travel in Kyrgyzstan with pleasure.