Kyrgyzstan tours:

Natural surroundings

Well, in order to find out about the nature of the country you've come to Kyrgyzstan. It is common knowledge that our specialists will finish their tour in a car rent to offer the greatest views of one of the smallest republics in Central Asia. We can undoubtedly say this is a region rich in natural resources, stretching across many different areas to the west, south, the east, and north.

Natural, Kyrgyzstan tours. 

The nature of the country is primarily evident in the form of mountains. Visitors travelling through the area observe that around 90% are at high altitudes with approximately 80 % of Tien Shan mountains.

Experts can manage a wide range of peaks. The Talas Mountains, Chatkal River Valley, Makmal and Kumtor Mine may be found with natural resources such as gold.

Lakes and rivers, which in the mountains may be viewed from a high point of view, are also natural expressions. Around 4,000 rivers and more than 2,000 lakes are found in the surrounding area. Some can be seen when we are in Kyrgyzstan on a tour. And rafting enthusiasts are interested in the rivers.

Thus, travelers on the Kyrgyzstan may observe the impact of natural resources as the most beautiful places to stop pictures are created. Minerals, rivers, gorges and hills are the treasures of the country.

We suggest you visit some of the parks in Kyrgyzstan and rent a car to get to know the nature. You should rent a car if you would like to visit the state reserve of Issyk-Kul. It was founded in 1948. Also prominent in this region are snow leopards, Siberian goats, marcopolos, and brown bears. But as they are wild animals, it is not recommended that they approach their houses to interact. The park has a total area of 1329 hectares, 687 of which are wooded.

Travelers can go to the Biosphere Reserve of Sary-Chelek to the south of the country. It was founded in 1960 in order to preserve the forest and countryside of Kyrgyzstan. The Ala-Archa National Park, founded in 1976, is another well-known park in the country. It is the most often visited park by travelers on tours because of its proximity to the city. You may all enjoy a wide range of flora and wildlife, climb up in the mountains or walk on an asphalt road.

The Chon Kemin National Park, located in the south of the Chon-Kemin Valley, is another place that our team would like to highlight. Established in 1997, it covers around 123 hectares. People chose to construct this park so that nature, woods, plants and animals might be conserved.