Kyrgyzstan tours:


As Kyrgyzstan is seen as the mountain country there are more than 88 ranges and some of them may be included in the tour program for an interesting travelling in the country. Before you start to travel in Kyrgyzstan you should know that the country is located in the heart of mountains and the main mountain system is known to be Tien Shan. While you are making a tour you will be informed about the fact that there is also the Pamir mountain system. And it actually makes a division between north and south of the country. In the course of a tour you will be able to travel to various parts of the country and witness famous ranges. So, you can travel and witness the longest range - Kakshaal  of 582km and Kyrgyz of 454km.

You are recommended to travel in Kyrgyzstan as it is possible to see miracles of nature. Here we see lake Issyk Kul which is located between ranges - Terskey Ala Too in the south and Kungey Ala Too in the north. So it is also possible to witness amazing snow-white peaks of "Ala Too" mountains from any part of the country during the tour.