Kyrgyzstan tours:


Rivers of Kyrgyzstan are like veins of the human body. In the course of a tour in Kyrgyzstan you will be amazed by the abundance of rivers which are all the magnets for those who travel in the country. Before you start to travel in Kyrgyzstan we would like to inform that there are about 40000 rivers with all of them being 150,000  km.

In the past rivers were used as the mean of transportation of the people and various things. At the same time rivers are the great option for rafting in the country. But it may be rather dangerous.

Your tour will surely be interesting and full of great emotions in case you get the following information about the rivers of Kyrgyzstan:

River Naryn is the longest and the greatest one in the entire Kyrgyzstan. In the course of tours in the country you will be able to see that it is about 535 km and creates the division into Big and Little Naryn Rivers.

The other river which is on the second place of the longest rivers is the river Talas. In the course of a tour you can travel along it and guides will give you more details about it as for example in 751 there were events of the Chinese people suffering from the west. And due to it the people of the globe found out secrets of creation of paper and silk.

The Chui river is located in the north of the country, it passes the Boom gorge, the Chui valley and then goes to Kazakhstan. The river Sary Jaz is known to be located at the very border with China. For the people to be able to cross it without difficulties it was suggested to build the bridge but this idea failed. But anyway it can be used as the territory where it is possible to make interesting and overwhelming tours aimed at trekking and hiking. The Chatkal river is located in the west and goes to Uzbekistan. But passes the Chandalash range. In the past this river was used as the mean of transportation and rafting. Now visa regime is strict.