Kyrgyzstan tours:

Sights and highlights Burana

On the tours, sights and highlights are worth seeing and capturing in Kyrgyzstan. The key things to see are these. In addition, we recommend renting a car and heading to a sight in the Chui Valley, just 60 kilometers from Bishkek.

On a tour of Kyrgyzstan, you will be advised that the oldest monument, the architectural complex of the town of Balasagun, is here. It's Kyrgyzstan's oldest city. During the Middle Ages, the tower vanished. Our company's tour will give us the chance to learn the past of renting a car in Kyrgyzstan. It originated in the 11th century and was about 45m long. After some time, it was taken over in the 13th century by Genghis Khan. The minaret was dented by him and his army. It then died in the 15th century. It was discovered and restored by Soviet Union travelers in the 19th century and donated to the Historical Museum in Bishkek. It would be nice to visit this wonderful place and rent a car during the Kyrgyzstan tour.