Kyrgyzstan tours:

Son Kul lake

Kyrgyzstan is known to be the place of amazing views and unforgettable sites and one of the sites which should be seen during tours in Kyrgyzstan is Son Kul Lake. While tours in Kyrgyzstan are aimed at being visited by the maximum amount of people, we try to make all people who travel in Kyrgyzstan pleased with each tour they take.

The lake is located at the altitude of 3016m above sea level. The lake is known to be one of the highest lakes as the altitude is great. In case you have a desire to travel to it you should organize a tour from June till September as this is the period when the territory is not covered with constant snow.

The weather is unpredictable as the lake is located in the very mountains, but temperature is low as with every new altitude it becomes colder and colder. The lake used to be fishless in the past but during the time of the Soviet Union about 66 kinds of fish were brought to it. And every year 100tons of fish are caught. You can travel along the shore of the lake and feel hospitality of the local dwellers.