Kyrgyzstan tours:

Traditions and Customs

There are a lot of customs and traditions of the people of Kyrgyzstan which you will be able to find out during the tour. Starting tours in Kyrgyzstan we will organize the opportunities which will touch holidays and folk traditions, music and poems. Travel in Kyrgyzstan and we will be able to show you the idea of all the cultural life going from generation to generation. And most of traditions which you will find out during the tour had come from Turkic and Mongolian tribes.

People who travel in Kyrgyzstan find the Kyrgyz people as extremely hospitable ones. And they are always glad to help and to give way to those who need. We would like to inform you about traditional bread of the people before you start to travel in Kyrgyzstan, and so here you can try "komoch-nan", "tandyr-nan" and the main constituent of any table - "boorsok".

Then traditions touch the necessity for every girl to have a special box of things and clothes which will be in need for the married life. Here you can see various blankets and pillows, abundance of carpets and so on. And of course you will see that everything is amazingly decorated.

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