Kyrgyzstan tours:


Tours in Kyrgyzstan usually touch the necessity to show guests who travel in Kyrgyzstan the local dwelling of the Kyrgyz people - yurt. Starting to travel in Kyrgyzstan you will be given such an opportunity as the yurt is the main dwelling of the people of the past as it was used as their home. The Kyrgyz people didn't build various castles and homes due to the desire to save natural harmony of the country. During tours you will be able to investigate the country with all of the customs of the people. At the same time we recommend you to travel in our Kyrgyzstan as we will find the way to show you the local dwelling along with other significant sites of the country.

During the tour in Kyrgyzstan you will find out the idea of the creation of the yurt. It is created for the people to feel harmony of nature and man, the universe and people. We are glad to organize the demonstration of the yurt putting together, as there are even competitions of it. Being in a yurt during the tour in Kyrgyzstan you must follow the rule of eating of all the food offered as it is the main rule which must be taken in consideration.